Export Consultancy

Foreign Trade Management and Training Center offers export consultancy services of budding and established exporters in Indore and around India. Our objective is to deliver quality consultancy services to help our clients make strategic business decisions.
  • For The New Exporters:-
    • To help them get Importers Exporters Code (IEC),
    • Registration with Export Promotion Councils,
    • Locating Overseas Buyers,
    • Determining the Pricing Strategy,
    • Negotiating the Freight Rates,
    • Organizing Shipments,
    • Forward Sale of Foreign Currency,
    • LC Confirmation, Insurance, Negotiating Documents, Claiming Incentives etc.
  • For Established Exporters:-
    Locating Foreign Buyers and concluding export orders for their products. Determining the Pricing Strategy to beat the competition.
  • Traveling on behalf of exporters for export promotion.
  • Training the staff of the exporters.
    As per our policy of exclusivity, if we handle one company’s products, we do not entertain enquiries from their competitors for promotion of their products of the same nature.