Facts About Export

3.20 Status Holder
(a) Status Holders are business leaders who have excelled
in international trade and have successfully contributed
to country’s foreign trade. Status Holders are expected
to not only contribute towards India’s exports but also
provide guidance and handholding to new

(b) All exporters of goods, services and technology having
an import-export code (IEC) number shall be eligible for
recognition as a status holder. Status recognition
depends upon export performance. An applicant shall
be categorized as status holder upon achieving export
performance during current and previous two financial
years, as indicated in paragraph 3.21 of Foreign Trade
Policy. The export performance will be counted on the
basis of FOB value of export earnings in free foreign
(c) For deemed export, FOR value of exports in Indian
Rupees shall be converted in US$ at the exchange rate
notified by CBEC, as applicable on 1st April of each
Financial Year.
(d) For granting status, export performance is necessary in
at least two out of three years.
3.21 Status Category
Status Category
Export Performance
FOB / FOR (as converted)
(in US $ million)
One Star Export House 3
Two Star Export House 25
Three Star Export House 100

Four Star Export House 500
Five Star Export House 2000
3.22 Grant of double weightage
(a) The exports by IEC holders under the following
categories shall be granted double weightage for
calculation of export performance for grant of status.
(i) Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) as
defined in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
Development (MSMED) Act 2006.
(ii) Manufacturing units having ISO/BIS.
(iii) Units located in North Eastern States including
Sikkim and Jammu & Kashmir.
(iv) Units located in Agri Export Zones.
(b) Double Weightage shall be available for grant of One
Star Export House Status category only. Such benefit of
double weightage shall not be admissible for grant of
status recognition of other categories namely Two Star
Export House, Three Star Export House, Four Star
export House and Five Star Export House.
(c) A shipment can get double weightage only once in any
one of above categories.